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CHINA   MAY 2015

Chinese Egret     © Dave Read

Relict Gull     © Dave Read

Ibisbill     © Dave Read

Eastern Spot-billed Duck     © Andy Shooter

Siberian Blue Robin     © Andy Shooter

Daurian Redstart     © Andy Shooter

Pallas's Warbler     © Andy Shooter

Two-barred Warbler      © Andy Shooter

Yellow-browed Warbler     © Andy Shooter

Radde's Warbler     © Andy Shooter

Eastern Crowned Warbler     © Andy Shooter

Claudia's Leaf Warbler    © Dave Read

Chinese Flycatcher      © Andy Shooter

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher     © Andy Shooter

Asian Brown Flycatcher      © Andy Shooter

     Mugimaki Flycatcher      © Andy Shooter

Grey-streaked Flycatcher     © Dave Read

Dark-sided Flycatcher      © Andy Shooter

Olive-backed Pipit      © Dave Read

Chestnut-flanked White-eye      © Dave Read
Grey Nightjar      © Sissi Tang

Long-tailed Minivet      © Andy Shooter

White-throated Rock Thrush     © Dave Read

Brown Shrike      © Dave Read

Red-billed Blue Magpie      © Dave Read

Amur Falcon      © Dave Read

    Black Drongo      © Dave Read

Black-naped Oriole     © Dave Read

    Chinese Grosbeak      © Dave Read

Oriental Turtle Dove      © Andy Shooter

    Spotted Dove      © Dave Read

Meadow Bunting     © Andy Shooter

Yellow-breasted Bunting     © Andy Shooter

Père David's Rock Squirrel     © Andy Shooter

Tolai Hare    © Andy Shooter

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Old Peak

Lanius group on Happy Island
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