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White-eyed Gull      © Dave Read

Reef Egret      © Dave Read

Pied Kingfisher     © Dave Read

Bonelli's Eagle     © Dave Read

Griffon Vulture     © Dave Read

Little Green Bee-eater     © Dave Read

Hooded Wheatear      © Andrew Przeslack

    Hooded Wheatear      © Dave Read

Isabelline Wheatear     © Dave Read

White-crowned Wheatear     © Dave Read

Redstart (samamisicus)      © Dave Read

Bluethroat     © Dave Read

     Blackstart     © Dave Read

Arabian Babbler     © Dave Read

     Thick-billed Lark     © Ian Cowgill

Bar-tailed Lark           © Dave Read

Temminck's Lark           © Dave Read

Eastern Bonelli's Warbler      © Dave Read

Graceful Prinia      © Dave Read

Syrian Serin     © Andrew Przeslack

Palestine Sunbird     © Dave Read

Sand Partridge     © Dave Read
Laughing Dove     © Dave Read

Spur-winged Plover     © Dave Read

White Storks     © Dave Read

Humes Owl    © Dave Read

The whole group enjoyed excellent scope views of this very obliging bird, sadly however this very poor image, the best I could do amongst the excitement in no way reflects that.

Other nocturnal species recorded during the tour included Pallid Scops Owl, Pharaoh Eagle Owl and Nubian Nightjar.

Nubian Ibex     © Dave Read

Nubian Ibex     © Dave Read
Copyright 2007 © Lanius Bird Tours